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Climbing to the Top via Temp-to-Hire

alliance - temp to hireThere’s a lot of benefits to accepting a temp-to-hire position. There’s job flexibility, an opportunity to expand your skills while building a network of connections and the option to “test” a position before signing the dotted line.  The best way to ensure that temp-to-hire position means success for you is to be a high caliber employee.

Traits of the best

Be Professional. Work as if your temp-to-hire position is already permanent. Maintain professionalism in:

  • Attitude – be honest when negative issues need to be dealt with, but focus on the positive.
  • Body Language – your body language is your strongest avenue of communication – be certain yours conveys respect toward everyone and interest in your work.
  • Communications – be clear and concise, look people in the eye, be a good listener, and never badmouth or gossip.
  • Appearance – Dress appropriately for the position in clean, well-kept, and modest clothing.

Develop your hard and soft skills. Companies are seeking:

Soft skills:

  • Punctual – arrive on time – every time.
  • Reliable – be someone they can count on to understand their role – asking questions when they don’t, and give their best work to the little stuff as well as the big.
  • Organization – maintain an organized office, cubicle, or workstation – whatever applies. If your job requires tools, keep them organized and in good repair. Know how to organize your responsibilities in order of priority and efficiency.
  • Personable – focus on job performance, of course, but be friendly with your coworkers. Be willing to go the extra mile if someone needs a little help. When something goes wrong, take it in stride and look for solutions – don’t play the blame game.

 Hard skills:

  • Knowledge of job-appropriate software, apps, and programs.
  • In some positions, there are multiple certification options – go for it. Continued education is always a plus.
  • Problem solver. Develop the ability to recognize a problem, and then assess and implement the best solutions.
  • Accurate communicator – verbal and written. Words and delivery make a difference. Don’t forget to include social media etiquette.

Looking for a temp-to-hire opportunity? AllianceStaff is your first stop on the path to furthering your career goals right now. Contact us today and take advantage of our experienced consultants. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you!

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