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Employee Burnout  

Alliances - burnoutEmployee burnout is a common issue in today’s workforce. While companies often want to blame employees, citing issues like poor eating, sleeping, and exercise habits, the real culprit lies within the companies themselves and their management teams.  In fact,  according to the Harvard Business Review,

“In our book Time, Talent and Energy, we note that when employees aren’t as productive as they could be, it’s usually the organization, not its employees, that is to blame. The same is true for employee burnout.”

Forbes agrees. Listing common causes of burnout as:

  • Unfair Compensation
  • Unreasonable Workload
  • Overtime Overload
  • Poor Management-Employee Communication
  • Negative Workplace Culture

Of course with employee burnout comes a cost. A cost to the employee, (estimates place health care costs for psychological and physical problems of employee burnout at 125-190 billion dollars/year), but even more to companies. Low productivity, high turnover, and absenteeism are at the top of the list.

So what can companies do to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, employee burnout?

Create a positive work culture. Attitude and team spirit are shaped by management.  Encourage collaboration and transparent management.

Communicate. Ensure that your employees know the company mission/goals, and understand the role they play in the big picture. Be available. Ask for and listen to feedback.

Hire right. When employees love their work and are “fit” for the job, their responsibilities tend to energize them rather than deplete them. When appropriate, rotate tasks among employees – this creates greater interest and challenge – but don’t switch so often that it becomes overwhelming.

Skip Micromanaging: Assign responsibilities, present your expectations, and then allow your employees to appropriate tools, authority, and freedom to get the job accomplished.

Vacations: Take yours and insist that employees take theirs. Vacations are essential for restoration and a fresh perspective.

Appreciation and rewards: the backbone of everything else. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are far less likely to burn out. Words, as well as “tangible” thanks, make a difference.

Hire support staff: When deadlines are tight, and you know the overtime is bound to rise or your peak season is coming on, hire temps. It will save you money in the end and give your employees a boost rather than burnout.

Employee burnout can be a serious, costly issue. Being proactive in prevention is essential. That’s where AllianceStaff steps in. We connect clients with the best candidate for the job, as well as supply temp staffing. Contact us today and discover why AllianceStaff is the OneWord in staffing solutions for the Milwaukee Area.
















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