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Keeping your Social Media Professional

allaince - social mediaSocial media is an ongoing, ever-changing, part of our lives. It’s a great connection point both personally and professionally – a gold mine of networking opportunity. Unfortunately, many people post – without a nanosecond of hesitation – criticisms, scathing political commentary, personal thoughts, and experiences, etc. Printed, forever-there words, that they would have never shared at a business meeting, in their supervisor’s presence, or to the face of the person they were destroying. Nor would they have shared those weekend activities in person with anyone but their closest friends. There is something about sitting in private while posting that desensitizes our conscious and our sense of propriety. Much to many a person’s regrets, the words they so quickly spouted via social media come back to damage their professional image and sometimes a career.

Here’s a Social Media Dozen – Tips to Keep Your Image Professional

  1. Watch your language – for spelling and grammar, as well as for using those words that would make Great Grandma shudder in her grave.
  2. Protect your privacy – Take time to learn the ins and outs of privacy settings – and use them. Don’t hesitate to un-tag yourself from your friends and coworkers posts if it’s not appropriate.
  3. Stick to kindness and respect – Remember the lesson in Bambi; If you can’t say something nice, shh, say nothing. Think about it twice, shh, say nothing.
  4. Guard your reputation – if you don’t, why should others? If necessary, keep your professional and personal accounts separate, but don’t forget that “personal” doesn’t mean the world can’t see it.
  5. Stay active – keep your comments, posts, etc. up-to-date and relevant to your industry, the current trends, and topics that are of interest to people.
  6. Post consistently – If you establish a following, they depend on your posts.
  7. Join industry groups – start and participate in discussions. Ensure that you can document whatever you spout s facts.
  8. Say no to plagiarizing – If you post commentary of others, give credit where credit is due – especially in a professional
  9. Use appropriate images – but only ones that are free to post, unless you pay royalties to the owner
  10. Share your opinion – but don’t be dogmatic. Open the floor for differing views and encourage healthy debate.
  11. Skip bashing – Avoid hashing out a private argument online
  12. Remember the time management aspect. – Social media is a great tool, but don’t let it be a dictator.

Following these tips can pay off. According to surveys, two out of three employers check social media of potential candidates – they want to know if he/she presents the kind of image their company is seeking.

At AllianceStaff, we work hard to connect professional candidates with top Milwaukee Area companies. Help us help you by keeping your social media clean and professional.






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