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Interviews that Clinch a Great Hire – Part I

alliance - interview prepThere’s a lot of information out teaching candidates how to interview, but that’s only half of the issue. Knowledge and expertise on the part of the interviewer are key in clinching a great hire – a fit that helps both the new employee and the company grow. Today we’ll discuss what needs to happen before the interview – how to lay the ground work for a successful exchange, one that highlights the best candidate for the position.

Before the Interview

  • Be well versed in the job description and the ideal candidate:

It’s been said that a treasury agent is steeped in the real thing, so that he may know the weight, appearance, and smell of a real dollar bill. Then any new deception a counterfeiter throws at him can be immediately detected. Some sources validate this and others don’t, but the message is accurate. When it comes to hiring, if you know exactly what you need – job description, and who you want – the ideal candidate; then it’s much easier to spot the best-choice candidate.

  • Prepare your questions:

Write out your questions and know what you consider the best response. What are you asking? What’s the main purpose of each question? If you don’t know what you’re seeking to discover, how can you expect the candidate to understand the below-the-surface question? Create a list of “performance or skill questions” and a list of “behavioral” and “functional” questions. Yes, finding the right candidate involves discussing their experience and hard skills – those significant details that support their ability to handle the job description, but behavior and functional skills are also key. These skills – the personality, professional style, and teamwork that fits your company culture as well as being able to solve problems, communicate, be flexible, etc.  are what makes someone an ideal candidate.

  • Do your research:

Candidates are always instructed to research the company, read their website, etc. before arriving at the interview; the same goes for the interviewer. Thoroughly review each candidate’s resume, check out their LinkedIn profile and other social media, google them (all within legal and just plain good manners boundaries, of course). Have they taken classes, earned certification, and enhanced their degree in other ways? Have they won any awards? Are they newsworthy?

Preparing ahead for those important interviews is essential. Next week, we’ll discuss how to spot that ideal candidate during the interview.

At every stage of the interview process, AllianceStaff can help. We take time to understand your company needs, your job description and your ideal candidate.  You’ve arrived at the right place. It’s really that simple. We have developed our business relationships based on trust, communication, high caliber candidates and quality service. Our award winning consultants and staff enable you to hire the best.  Contact us today for candidates worth interviewing and don’t forget to come back September 14th to learn the rest of our interviewing tips.








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