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Personal Productivity

alliance - personal productivityEverywhere you turn, productivity seems to be a frequent topic. In fact, it ties into our discussion (in the past two weeks) on time management. So, let’s talk about it – not general productivity in a company, but personal productivity. Are you considered a productive person? If not, what can you do to improve? Here are some tips to help you.

Personal Health

I know – taking time to plan healthy meals, get sufficient consistent sleep, and oh my goodness – exercise, takes time and you’re already behind. Ok – let’s talk about realities. When you are low on energy – due to lack of healthy meals, sleep, and exercise, it takes longer to produce less. On the other hand, high levels of energy, alternatively, allow us to do an exceptional number of things in a much shorter period while producing better quality work – a triple win. So . . . taking time for healthy eating, good sleep, and regular exercise pays off – big time.

Personal Time Constraints

Studies reveal that only 15-20% of people are accurate when predicting how long a task will take. If you’re one of those people, you are probably also a productive person. But for the rest of you, for the next two-four weeks, track how long tasks are taking you to complete. Evaluate when you were efficient and when you could have achieved a job in less time. Learn to set realistic deadlines – ones that are so tight they defeat you, but still are a challenge. Remember the last time you left on a trip and in the last 24 hours did everything you should have done earlier?! Challenging deadlines inspire productivity.

Take Time Off

Yes, that’s what I said. This works two ways. One, if you shorten your day, you automatically force yourself to be more efficient and set healthier time constraints. Two, if you take your vacation time – instead of just dreaming about it – you restore your entire self – physically, mentally, spiritually. This adds up to more energy and increased productivity.

Go for Excellence

Nobody will ever be perfect so stop trying to beat your head against the wall. Instead, go for excellence – it’s not only a great motivator but also an achievable goal.

Don’t Believe the Multi-Task Lie

Switching from task to task and back again is remarkably UNproductive. Prioritize your tasks, and then focus on each one until it’s finished or it’s time to set it aside for that day and focus on the next one. Research suggests that 90-minute intervals work best for a time-consuming project.

Follow Basic Concepts

There are some rules of the road that everybody knows – like stopping at stops signs, but many choose to ignore and eventually find themselves in a quandary. Following these productivity rules will help.

  • Create a pleasant workspace.
  • Turn off disrupting social media.
  • Only attend meetings that directly pertain to your job.
  • Learn to say NO
  • Delegate what needs to be delegated

AllianceStaff is into productivity. We work hard to make every day count – matching candidates with clients – ensuring the candidate’s skills, experience, and personality fit the company’s needs and culture. Contact us today – connecting with AllianceStaff helps boost everyone’s productivity.





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