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The C-Level Job Hunt

alliance - c-suiteWhether you finally reached the career point where you’re ready to move into the C-suite, or you’re already there, but looking for a change, the “job search” has its own style. The arena is different than it was when you were in middle management or lower. Pay attention to these tips – they will help you make the right moves at the right time and secure the right position.



According to Colin Moore from Essex Partners, a career advisory firm, “it’s essential to step back and evaluate yourself and your career position.” Establish your goals – and dream big in the process. Know exactly who you are professionally, what you have to offer, and where you want to go. Clarity and direction empower executive individuals in the marketplace.

Develop a focused LinkedIn Presence

Begin with your resume – By now, your accomplishments are many, but you aren’t writing a book. Build on the experience, skills, achievements that directly fit your goals.

Mirror your resume on your LinkedIn presence – which should include a fully-developed profile. Marketing yourself as a high-level leader requires active involvement in LinkedIn discussions and blogs. Posting written industry work, as well as sharing pertinent articles by other experts is a given if you want to be recognized as a thought leader with clear vision.

Highlight your leadership skills, your ability to strategize, create, manage projects, inspire people, solve problems, etc. Demonstrate your knowledge of technology trends, as well as your ability to flex and change – to be a catalyst for growth.

C-level Networking

Networking is always crucial, but the style changes – it no longer means passing resumes onto friends or asking if anyone knows of open positions. According to Moore, “You need to look at it as a very thoughtful assessment of the resources that will help introduce you to the types of organizations where you’re most likely to find the C-level opportunities you’re looking for.”

Know your list – keep growing, but do it judiciously. Connect with people you can help – and then help them – and you’ll end up connected to sources that support you.

If you are seeking to make a career move, be intentional about what you share and with whom you share. If you share your interest in change, indicate whether it’s confidential or not. Share your parameters such as geographical, industry, and job title preferences.

Don’t ask for an interview or if they know of anyone hiring? That puts people on the spot and relinquishes your control. Do ask for endorsements and encourage them in the direction you would like to see that endorsement go. Perhaps you worked with them on a project where they recognized your strong leadership or problem-solving skills. This puts you and your specific skills in their mind – which could make an impact the next time they share lunch with a colleague who is hiring.

Demonstrate your enthusiasm, leadership, business savvy, and confidence to pertinent connections in your network.

Connect with a recruiter

Most companies put a high priority on finding the right C-level executive. They trust the search to a seasoned staffing company, such as AllianceStaff, who knows the marketplace, understands the details and well as the big picture and maintains a deep base of potential candidates.

AllianceStaff provides first-class search and staffing services in the Greater Milwaukee area to our business clients, and the candidates we encounter, through personal service, open communication, continuous training, and dedication to excellence. Contact us today.








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