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Career Development: Part II – The Talent Perspective

alliance - career dev 2Let us break it to you gently – you are responsible for your career growth. Yes, last week we shared ideas to help companies become more career-development friendly – and they should, but bottom line – nobody cares more than you about your career. In other words, you’re the captain of this ship!

Begin with a Self-Assessment

  • Make a list of your best skills and proficiencies, of course, but also make a list of which skills bring you the most satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment – even if it’s not your best skill.
  • Do any of the skills on the first list – your strengths support skills on your second list – fulfillment?
  • What career fields in general and specific positions currently in demand coincide with these skills?

Determine your Course

  • Choose the career path that best supports your self-discovery.
  • Identify the gap between your current proficiencies and the skills essential to the role you seek.
  • Define your options for additional education and What will you have to do on your own? What coincides with company-supported education programs?
  • Are there lateral moves within your company that will help develop needed skills and experience?
  • Develop a realistic timeline of short-term and long-term goal completion.

Take Action

  • Now it’s time to talk with your employer. Ask for a meeting with the appropriate person and discuss your goals, as well as how furthering them will help the company, and what type of support systems are available.
  • Find a mentor – someone who is experienced in your industry and your specific path would be a fitting choice, but it’s not an absolute requirement.
  • Update your resume.
  • Put your fears – most people have them – into Use them to motivate change rather than hinder progress.
  • Measure your forward movement. Consistently evaluate where you are in the plan – are you keeping to your timeline?

Broaden your Focus

  • Career development isn’t just about your job – it’s about your relationships, leadership, and even helping others succeed with you.
  • Be a mentor for someone else.
  • Volunteer – participate in programs that use your skills and expertise.
  • Join employee groups and community organizations – expand your network by reaching out and helping others.
  • Be open to change and diversity – learn something new every day.

Managing your career is your responsibility. Don’t leave it to chance. Help yourself and connect with the people who will help you – people like the team at AllianceStaff.  We work hard to make every day count – matching candidates with clients – ensuring the position and culture are an excellent fit for each candidate’s skills, experience, personality, and career goals.  Contact us today – connecting with AllianceStaff helps boost everyone’s career development.



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