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Who is Generation Z

Generation Z Concept

Generation Z – who are they? Whether you’re a Baby Boomer who finally figured out who Millennials are or a Millennial who suddenly have to understand the generation following, it’s time to learn the answer. Gen Z’s are graduating and ready to work. In fact, getting to know this generation and hiring them can give your company an inside edge in the war for talent. So here’s the scoop.

Gen Z (1990 – 2012) are not Millennials

Unlike the Millennials who grew up in a plentiful phase, Gen Z’s faced the recession, which influences their priorities. While they appreciate finding meaning in their work, Gen Z’s place a higher priority on salary. Don’t misunderstand – they aren’t looking for a handout. Quite the contrary – Gen Z’s are:

  • Self-starters – they are ready to “pay their ”
  • Willing to work their way to the top.
  • Independent and competitive – creating their career plans – in high school.
  • Involved – they don’t want to miss out.
  • Entrepreneurial – they turn hobbies into jobs.

Gen Z’s are Totally Tech

This is the generation that was playing games on mom’s phone – or their own tablet – before they were two.  Their tech expectations are not an “entitlement attitude” – it’s all they have ever known. Which means Gen Z’s:

  • Expect the newest technology – they are very adept at learning the new as fast as it’s delivered – they help create/design it.
  • Want their technology customized to their position, and personalized.
  • Put a whole new face on multi-tasking.
  • Pay attention to company websites and their social media when job hunting.

The Gen Z Philosophy

This is the generation that grew up with the reality of 9/11. They’re aware of our troubled planet and want to make a difference. Hence, Gen Z’s:

  • Have a realistic view of life – without losing hope.
  • Embrace diversity.
  • Are socially responsible – and globally aware.
  • Pragmatic and financially conscious.

Generation Z has a lot to offer. Choose to connect with them today. It may be one of your best tools for winning your war for talent. AllianceStaff is here to help.
We make an art of finding the right people – from every generation, including Z’s – and matching them to the best companies in the Greater Milwaukee area. It’s our specialty. Contact us today.



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