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There are a lot of talented individuals who must work part-time due to other life responsibilities – such as children, aging parents, or both. Finding creative ways – such as job-sharing – to hire talent part-time for a full-time position will open the door to helping relieve the tight labor market. Furthermore, when two people share the same job, they cover for each other during vacation times, which alleviates the typical “short staff” issues that surround the vacation seasons. There are some precautions and steps to take before implementing a job-share plan.

Create a Clear and Precise Job Description

  • How will duties be divided?
  • Who makes the final decision on a joint project?
  • Will they split by duties or by clients?
  • If by clients, how to determine who will get which client?
  • What mediums of communication will be used?

Determine how the work week will be divided

  • 3-day/2-day share with either the same person always taking the 3 days or alternating from week to week or month to month.
  • 5-day/2.5-day share with overlap time on Wednesdays to keep each other updated.
  • 5-day AM/5-day PM share with each person working 5 half days.
  • Alternating weeks
  • Whatever system works best for the two individuals, the position they’re sharing, and the company

Create a set of specific guidelines for situations specific to job-sharing, such as:

  • Overlap periods to ensure open communication concerning what each partner is accomplishing, problems or potential problems, company news, etc.
  • Who attends which meetings – when do they both need to attend?
  • Who participates in training options – when do both participate?
  • Vacation policies – a little tricky since they can cover for each other.
  • How will you handle promotions?
  • How to handle if one partner resigns?
  • Pensions Policies – typically handled the same as any part-time workers.

Choose your partnering employees carefully.  

Take into consideration that all the above planning will have little success if you don’t have a well-matched pair. They must have:

  • Professional compatibility – strong interpersonal skills.
  • Similar work ethics and standards.
  • Skills, experience, and knowledge that complements each other.
  • Time management and organizational skills.
  • Communication skills – Strong communication skills.

While job-sharing options are often generated by requests from individuals currently on staff, it can still open areas for new staffing. Who better to call for assistance than AllianceStaff? We offer direct hire, temp-to-hire, and interim solutions. Our award-winning team of experienced consultants is dedicated to assisting Southeastern Wisconsin businesses in the hunt for the most qualified and closely matched talent. Contact us today and discover how our first-class search and staffing services in the Greater Milwaukee area produce effective, rewarding career connections for our employers and candidates – time after time.





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