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Wooing the Passive Candidate

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Engaging talent is a challenge, to say the least. When it comes to skilled and/or top-level positions, there are more openings than qualified talent to fill them. Which all sums up to 2018 being the year of the passive candidate. As Divya Bandodkar says in a blog for Jobsoid,

Passive candidates are those who think of taking up new job opportunities but are not actively looking out for one. They are comfortable and happy with their current jobs and yet continue to be open to newer opportunities. These candidates don’t view money as a driving factor to switch. They would look at jumping ship for other personal reasons such as better work timings, convenient location, conducive work environment, etc. Hiring such candidates is a difficult task as one would have to persuade and dispel all their doubts to the fullest extent.” 

But, you say, “How do I develop a strategy that will attract passive talent? Will the ROI on my time and expense reach the level I need?” While we can’t make promises, we are confident that if you follow these tips, you’ll make forward progress in your battle for talent.

Marketing is the New Recruiting

If you want to woo any candidate – passive or active – to your door, you have to give them a reason to come. Create and sustain an attractive, can’t resist company culture.

  • Begin with integrity and all that comes with it – transparency, open-door, clear, consistent communication, employee appreciation. When you build trust and rapport with the employees you already have, the word gets out. It’s a social media environment – remember?
  • Build relationships within your company and your community. Support networking events. Find opportunities to share – giving an evening of your time to speak at a local community meeting – no charge – will help establish your name, and therefore your company, in your community. It may even earn you connections with potential candidates.
  • Take advantage of that social media – Become savvy on multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Encourage online discussions.
  • Out-of-date website? Scrap it for a new refreshing, engaging one. Make sure it’s interactive and easy to manipulate. Post regular blogs on interesting industry and “soft touch” topics.
  • Establish yourself as a company that gives back by being actively involved in community causes. Once again, use your social media – if one of your departments participated in a fundraiser 5K or helped build a habitat for humanity home, post photos.
  • Set up employee referral programs and do it right. Make your referral bonus a healthy one – it will encourage your employees to put some effort into who they recommend.
  • Just be sure to be specific about the skills you are seeking when you post a position.
  • Build a talent base. If you notice a prospective candidate – pay attention. Maybe you don’t’ have an opening right now, but when one comes up, it will be to your advantage if you are already wooing said talent.

Finally, partner with a reliable staffing company who specializes in your industry.  They have an inside track to great talent – and the means for enticing passive candidates. At AlllianceStaff, we take pride in being that reliable staffing company. We actively identify the hidden talent and the passive job-seekers for you. Top talent drives revenue, profits, and growth. Our purpose is to connect great people with great companies – and that’s what we do – every day – in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Contact us now.


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