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Customer service is the relationship you build with your customers – whether you are selling a service or a product. It starts from the moment you initially attract their attention until long past a purchase has been made. From an inviting sales pitch to warm and friendly interactions during the process to follow-up, focusing on customer service makes a remarkable difference in your bottom-line. And when something goes wrong – your response is the critical component that pivots an unfortunate situation into a win/win or . . . A lose/lose.

Superior customer service should be the backbone of your company’s mission and a critical pillar of employee training. It begins at the top and when done well, filters all the way to the bottom rung.

So what are the precepts of winning customer service?

  1. Let us repeat ourselves: it begins at the top. Establish a pattern for how customers will be treated – even the one who would irritate Santa Clause.
  2. Treat your employees as your one of your most valuable assets. After all, they are; and how you treat your employees will directly impact how your employees treat your customers – the other half of your most valuable assets.
  3. Establish channels for customers to contact you. No, you don’t have to include every form of social media, but choose your channels and then run them effectively.
  • Assign specific people to manage your social media channels.
  • Respond promptly to both positive and negative feedback.
  • Take responsibility. Spread the messages like: “We take full responsibility. We are sorry. How can we make this right?”

Remember, it’s better to have superb service in a few channels rather than sporadic, poorly managed service in multiple channels.

  1. Over-deliver. Sure it may cost a little more in the moment, but the long-term picture is a better bottom line.

Customer service isn’t just for the customer – it benefits your company too

  1. It builds public awareness of your brand – and attracts more business. Think about how many times you chose a company because of word-of-mouth, rather than paid, advertising.
  2. It builds trust with the public. Customers who receive excellent service come back. In fact, exceptional customer service will often overrule price factors. People are willing to pay a higher price just because they love the service that comes with it.
  3. Your company will stand out in the crowd. It’s an obvious choice, but unfortunately, too many companies overlook the value of excellent customer service. So, those who make the warm and friendly, go-the-extra-mile service a business pillar, will always stand out in the crowd.

At AllianceStaff, we are dedicated to excellence. We provide first-class search and staffing services in the Greater Milwaukee area to our business clients, and the candidates we encounter, through personal service, open communication, continuous training, and dedication to excellence. Customer service? It’s our middle name. Contact us today – we are eager to serve you. It’s what we do best.










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