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The Many Benefits of your Staffing Agency Connection  

alliance - staffing coWhen you need employees, you need them now – but not at the cost of losing a quality hire. Bad hires just delay the process and rob your bottom-line. Engaging the services of a staffing agency might be the best decision you’ve ever made for your company. A reputable staffing agency has an in-depth database of qualified candidates and ready-to-go temps. If you choose an agency that specializes in your industry, your chances for consistent quality hires increases – and that’s excellent news. But there’s even more to celebrate. Consider these benefits of partnering with a staffing firm.

 Insider Expertise: Just think about it. If you were going to change careers and become a recruiter, for which field or industry would you recruit? The one you worked in, of course. Top notch staffing firms recognize that truth – their recruiters each specialize in the industry where they have the most knowledge and experience. By connecting with an agency, you have an inside track to someone who knows the industry requirements, etc. no matter which department has a position to be filled.

Smoother Sailing for Your HR Department: Whether your HR is a one-person show or a large department, their responsibilities are many. Adding lengthy hiring processes or the demand of needing an immediate influx of temp workers is stressful. On the other hand, connect them with a staffing agency, and you freed up their schedule to deal with their “real” responsibilities – your managers and executives can focus on those functions that can’t be outsourced.

Get Higher Quality Staff – Faster: Since hiring agencies have a higher level of expertise when it comes to job knowledge, hiring trends, and recruiting, they can recruit potential hires at a much faster pace. They also maintain an extensive network of ideal candidates for their industry focus. Companies get temp-to-perm or permanent employees that are thoroughly vetted from skills evaluations through reference and background checks. Furthermore, the temp-to-perm option allows you to “confirm” and great choice before they permanently join the ranks.

Build A Buffer: Staffing companies who offer temps as part of their services are your dream come true. When you need support staff – for vacation time, peak periods, holidays, etc. the staffing company and quality temps are just one phone call away. Get an experienced, vetted workforce in a matter of hours.

Improved Productivity and Reduced Stress: When part of your staff is absent, or our customer demands increase – or both, the workload increases. Stress levels go up, and production goes down. On the other hand, a quick call to a staffing agency who supplies temps offers a quick solution – without having to search and hire new employees. Not only do you have reinforcement quickly, the staffing agency takes care of taxes, payroll, insurance, and any other benefits. It’s a total win for you.

Make the choice – the right choice – connect with a great staffing company. And, may we suggest AllianceStaff. We are a full-service placement search firm with a deeply rooted network throughout the metropolitan Milwaukee area. We work in your best interest and will find not only talented employees that will fit your job but also talented employees that will fit your culture. We understand and embrace the responsibility you place upon us. At AllianceStaff, we actively identify the hidden talent and the passive job-seekers for you. Top talent drives revenue, profits, and growth. Our purpose is to connect great companies with quality people. It’s that simple. Contact us today.

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