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10 Tips for College Grads

b loehr - gradYour hard work and determination have paid off. You finally have that College Degree in hand. Congratulations and welcome to the “Working World.” These tips will help you stay in front of the pack.

1. Dress Code: Before starting your new job in your chosen career make sure you ask about company policy concerning attire. You want to dress accordingly and make the best impression the first day – and every day.

2. Work Ethic: Prepare yourself daily to work hard and be diligent in all areas of your job. These attributes breed strength in character as well as respect from your peers.

3. Communication Skills: Both written and verbal skills may play an intricate part in your new job. When writing, always spell check, check for grammatical errors and syntax errors. When speaking to your employer and or co-workers it is vital to make sure you speak concisely and clearly. Stating your objectives in this manner will make for harmonious surroundings and alleviate stress levels all around.

4. Team Work: Carrying out the task with others effectively and efficiently is crucial in any industry. Develop your communication skills, be approachable, pull your fair share plus some, and give credit where it is due.

5. Organizational Skills: This is easier for some than others but important for all. Organizing your schedule, tools, documents, etc. is a must-do. Planning ahead so you can meet deadlines is not optional – it’s essential.

6. Interpersonal Skills: Proactively building you’re your ability to interact with individuals or a group develops both strength and success in both your business life as well as your personal life And by all means, smile and shake your employer or co-workers hand. This is manners 101 and proper etiquette.

7. Technical Skills: Honing and crafting your technical skill sets is vital to staying abreast in your chosen field. This knowledge allows you to utilize your abilities in any given task needed to accomplish your goal.

8. Problem Solving Skills: A strong sense of critical thinking may come into play while trying to achieve your necessary goal. Ask questions when needed and make a plan that can be carried out in the best possible fashion.

9. Expectations: Know your duties up front. When in doubt always ask what is expected on any given project.

10. Authenticity: Integrity and transparency make any job, career and or lifestyle a bright one. Learning your coworkers’ names paves the way to great working relationships Having a listening ear, a bit of empathy and compassion with a kind word will always serve you and your co-workers, employers or clients to the greater good. Be polite and courteous and do the right thing – even when no one is watching.

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