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7 Reasons Employees Benefit from Adult Coloring Books

many different colored crayons on a white background

Remember the smell of a new box of Crayons as a child? Remember the happiness of being first to use your favorite color to create something from your imagination?

Well, take a step down memory lane because adult coloring books are all the rage. No, we’re not kidding. Instead of crayons, however, the tool of choice is colored pencils. And the biggest surprise of all…both are used as activities for employees to engage mindfulness.

If this is the first you have heard of this trend, you need to know adult coloring books are nothing like children’s. An adult coloring book is not a bound version of fan pages of a favorite alien character or movie star. Many contain complex and detailed patterns, designs and drawings such as mandalas, architectural images, and decorated sayings.  They are printed on premium quality paper and can be suitable for hanging as wall décor.

What is so special about adult coloring books?

Here are 7 reasons some employers are encouraging employees to color during their break.

  1. The activity is therapeutic and reduces job stress.
  2. “Doodling” helps employees organize their thoughts
  3. It can calm an overstimulated mind
  4. It involves repetitive motion and a limited space to work, so it is not intimidating as a blank page but ultimately satisfying
  5. It helps an employee to be present in the moment, free from distractions
  6. It stimulates creativity and can be energizing
  7. Puts your brain in the prefrontal cortex instead of the limbic system (fight or flee)

Color has long been associated with moods and emotions. Warm hues such as reds, yellows, and oranges tend to express excitement, joy, and vibrancy. Cool colors such as blues, greens, and violets tend to convey calm and steadiness.

While coloring as an adult has the benefits and influences listed above, it is not for everyone, but it can be appreciated by everyone.

Now that was a cheery soft note from AllianceStaff! Back to business – we make an art of matching great employees, whether they color or not,  with our clients – the best of Greater Milwaukee companies. We are a full-service placement search firm with a deeply rooted network throughout the metropolitan Milwaukee area. We work in your best interest, finding talented employees that not only fit your open position but also your culture. Contact us today. We understand and embrace the responsibility you place upon us.





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