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Integrity is “In”

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Integrity guides a person’s morals or ethics. It means doing the right thing even if no one notices. People who demonstrate integrity in the big things and the little things gain a reputation as honest and dependable—and other people enjoy working with them. In fact, studies show that people value integrity in the workplace.

The Importance of Hiring Candidates with Integrity

The positive effects of integrity can spread to everyone in the workplace. Integrity ensures a pleasant working relationship between employers and employees. When employees demonstrate integrity, their employers trust them to do good work and to work well with others. When employers exemplify integrity, employees trust them to listen to their ideas and empower them.

Integrity means employees “are more likely to work more efficiently, reduce risks and have better loss control,” explains Biz Fluent. A culture of integrity reduces employee turnover because employees know they are trusted and valued.

How to Find Candidates with Integrity

The Staffing Stream suggests that when interviewing candidates, you “Consider giving them an ethical scenario to resolve and see how they handle it,” See if the candidate takes the honest route or tries to twist a bad scenario with a little white lie.

But even if candidates give you an answer that shows integrity, how do you know that’s what the candidates would do in real life? Talk to candidates’ references. Can past employers give an actual example of when this candidate acted with integrity? How much do they trust this candidate?

Ask references if candidates said one thing but then acted another way. Find out if the candidates do what they say they’ll do—meet deadlines? Complete projects? Follow up with customers? Learn how the candidates treat coworkers—with praise and respect, or with criticism and bullying?

Integrity Starts with You

Integrity starts with the managers and employers—with you. Employees will copy your example. Lead with integrity, and your employees will follow. Your integrity—or lack of it—becomes your brand. Your employees will interact with you based on what they think of your integrity.

Everyone wants to work with people they can trust. So, communicate with your employees. Facilitate communication between teams. Keep people up-to-date on what’s happening. Take responsibility for your actions. Think before you speak or act. Avoid gossip. Don’t retaliate. The little things add up—and attract people to your company.

At AllianceStaff, we place a high priority on integrity. It’s the only way to play the game. If you’re looking for high-caliber employees, partner with our team. Our award-winning consultants and staff enable you to hire the best. We understand the dedication it takes to identify exemplary candidates. We tailor our recruitment program to fit your specific needs. Whether its direct hire, temp to hire, contract, or temporary alternatives, there’s only “OneWord” to remember for hiring solutions: AllianceStaff. Contact us today.

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