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6 Tips to Staying Focused


Your brain is whirling a hundred miles an hour. Ideas, concerns, questions, solutions, situations all meshed together, overlapping and vying for attention. Not the least of which is the project whose deadline looms at the end of the workday. Today. As in four hours from now.

It’s mostly done. Getting there anyway. But to successfully tie up all the loose ends and put a lid on it, on time, you have got to be able to focus.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make a list of other pressing issues

As a way to clear your head and assure yourself that you won’t forget, jot down all those other matters circling through your brain. The things you’ll tackle after you finish this project. Put the note in the bottom desk drawer.

  1. Remove distractions

Clear your desk of that pile of files unrelated to this project. Close out of your email program and for goodness sake, pull the plug on all forms of social media. Put your phone on SILENT and slip it in the bottom desk drawer, with the to-do list.

  1. Be unavailable

And don’t feel guilty about it. Inform your secretary/assistant/teammates not to disturb you unless the building is on fire or someone is bleeding out. If necessary, send a quick “I’m unavailable for the next XXX amount of time” text to anyone you think may try to contact you. And don’t worry about it. In case of a dire emergency, whoever needs you will find a way to reach you.

  1. Fuel up

You’re quickly realizing that working through lunch was a bad idea because the rumbling of your stomach is getting louder and becoming more uncomfortable every minute. Find some food, enough to take the edge off your hunger at least and give you some energy. And snag a bottle of water or fill up your drinking container.

  1. Noise or no noise?

If you need silence to focus, grab a pair of earphones to block out the street workers outside your window, the chatter of colleagues, or phones ringing in the other cubicles. Maybe background music calms your thoughts and keeps your mind on task. Whatever works for you, take a minute or two to get settled in.

  1. Take small breaks

In fact, consider beginning with a break. A quick jaunt to the restroom or a couple of minutes of stretching beside your desk will further assist in clearing your brain. While a three or four-hour power session may seem like just the ticket, nix that idea. A fifteen-minute break here and there can energize you and help you break through a tight spot and get you moving again.

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