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Beating Career Blues

Alliance - career bluesAre stuck in the doldrums? Does it feel like your career isn’t going anywhere – in fact, like it hasn’t gone anywhere for  . . . Well, longer than you want to admit. It’s time to put some zip back into your professional life. Time to make changes – be it small changes or knock-your-socks-off changes.  Here are nine tips from AllianceStaff to give you a head start.

Don’t wait for someone else to offer a hand. This is your job. Be Proactive.

  • Choose your priorities – make goals. If you don’t know where you want to go, that’s probably where you’ll end up – nowhere.
  • Fulfill your current responsibilities – plus a little. Aim for excellence. Complete projects on time – or earlier.
  • Help others – lend a hand to a coworker. Remember, what goes around, comes around.
  • Find a way to add creativity or innovation to your current responsibilities. It will help the company you work for, bring attention to your skills, and maybe even result in a promotion.
  • Learn something new. Take an online course. Attend a conference. Join a professional association.
  • Connect with your coworkers and management. Even if you are an introvert, who doesn’t bubble over in constant conversation, you can be kind, respectful, courteous to others – all others, regardless of If someone wrongs you, offer grace. If you disagree, do it respectfully.
  • Build your network. Share ideas and participate in forums. When appropriate, endorse others – networking is as much about giving as it is about receiving.  Don’t limit yourself to online contacts – attend networking events, conferences, and other industry happenings.  Your network could easily be your connection to your next career move.
  • Live by a code of conduct that fits your career aspirations. Professionalism begets professional growth.
  • Keep a healthy work-life balance and hold to a clear line between personal and professional. Of course, you build friendships at work – friendships that filter over into leisure time but don’t bring personal activity into the workplace.

You can further your beat the career blues right now. Whether you’re looking for a new position, the next step in your career, between jobs, or even looking for temp-to-hire situations, you can take advantage of the experienced consultants at AllianceStaff. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you! Contact AllianceStaff today.






















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