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Memorial Day – Honor a Vet – Give Them a Job

A young boy salutes the flags of a Memorial Day display along a small town street

It’s more than picnics, ball games, parades, and summer kickoff. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who are serving and have served in our military.

One way for companies to show respect for our veterans is to offer them a job – and be willing to adapt to individual requirements when needed. You won’t be sorry – in fact, there are a lot of benefits to hiring vets. They:

  • Understand the definition of teamwork – they’ve worked alongside individuals from multiple backgrounds, ethnic groups, religious preference, etc. and got the job done – because we’re depending on them.
  • Recognize the value of things like priorities, goals, working under pressure, and doing the job right – the first time.
  • Respect for policies, procedures, and appropriate authority.
  • Have proven themselves in stressful situations – times and places where they had to meet problems head-on, making decisions quickly and with confidence.
  • Shine as leaders; men and women who have learned to adapt, to accept new concepts, to apply their skills in innovative ways.
  • Embody characteristics like diligence, integrity, strength, resourcefulness, commitment.

Honoring those who serve isn’t limited to companies. It’s for everyone. We live in freedom because somewhere, sometime, someone put their life on the line. This Memorial Day, pause and consider ways to honor the men and women in your life who care enough to serve.

  • When you see someone in uniform, stop and say Thank you.
  • Take time to express an interest in where and how they served. Listen to their
  • Write a note to someone who is serving. Send them a care package.
  • Better yet, offer a hand to the family waiting for their return. When you provide your time, support, and friendship to vets family, you are giving back.
  • Help those who bear physical and emotional wounds from their time in service. Support programs like Wounded Warriors.

The team at AllianceStaff says thank you to all who have served or are serving. Our nation is stronger because of you. And we wish everyone has a safe and “Memorial” weekend.




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