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Interviewing Passive Candidates

alliance - passiveWhether you have partnered with a staffing company or have a full-fledged HR department recruiting talent, attracting and engaging talent is far more than finding active candidates. In today’s talent-driven market, seeking passive candidates is imperative, but it does mean adjusting your interviewing style. While active candidates are motivated to secure a new position for a variety of reasons, passive candidates are often excelling, happy, and established in their current jobs. Even if they aren’t, they are at least unmotivated to make a change. Recruiters must dance a little more intricately to seek the top talent from this pool.

Tips for interviewing passive candidates

Remember they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. With this in mind, it’s wise to build connection and professional rapport with these candidates – become a consultant, rather than a recruiter. Market your business; what makes your company stand out among competitors – your culture, growth opportunities, perks packages, etc. Customize your message according to the candidate’s interests and skill set.

  •  Ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to discover the limitations in their current role, as well as their pain points – Salary, benefits, growth opportunities, or even just the company culture, may play a role. Show how your position/offer can accommodate these pain points and be a positive change. Offer the candidate something that’s missing in their current role
  • Practice your “wooing” powers. Acknowledge that you initiated the contact and the value that they will be to your company, and then show that you are willing to “pay” for it – be it through flexibility, compensation, or perks and benefits.
  • Build extra time into the hiring process for you, but not for the candidate. Be willing to accommodate their schedule and streamline your interactions as much as possible. It may include taking advantage of technology – such as texting or a video interview.
  • Keep communication flowing and make integrity your foundation. No one wants to be enticed and then find that your promises have no substance.

Remember, in a talent-driven market, every candidate – passive or active – has options.   Market your specialties, listen to the candidate, offer your best, streamline your process, and maintain timely, honest communication. It’s the only way to win.

AllianceStaff is your inside track to passive candidates. We work in your best interest and will find employees that are not only talented but also fit your culture. We understand and embrace the responsibility you place upon us. At AllianceStaff, we actively identify the hidden talent and the passive job-seekers for you. Top talent drives revenue, profits, and growth. Our purpose is to connect great people with great companies. Contact us today.





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