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The Resume Factor

A resume on a unique product or box to present you in an interview as the best candidate to be hired for a job, presenting your background, experience, education, skills and career goals

A resume created with zip and polish may be the key that starts your career and puts you in pole position. Is it time to review and update yours? Here are some tips to help you create a resume that gets noticed.

Choose Your Style

There are multiple formats. Choose the one that best highlights your skills, experience, education, and personality.

  • Chronological: Exactly what it says, the chronological resume lists your work history (including accomplishments) in the order it happened, your current position being first and then going back up to fifteen years.
  • Functional: Instead of focusing on positions, a functional resume presents your skills/experience by category – highlighting individual List in order of relevance instead of by time.
  • Combination: A combination of functional and chronological, this resume highlighting your most pertinent skills/experience first, and then follow the list with a chronological work history.
  • Targeted: A targeted resume can be any of the above three. The key is tailoring it to a specific position. Be truthful, of course, but customize your skills to the job position, using keywords from the job description and rearranging resume’s sections to highlight your most relevant experience. The extra time will be worth it when you snag that position that perfectly matches your qualifications, goals, and personality.

Cover the Details

Remember, your resume is an advertisement – and you are the product. It’s time to put substance behind your claims.

  • Using power verbs, back up your skills with details – specific achievements that demonstrate your skills in action. Quantify your statements.
  • Share examples that substantiate your leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Present a succinct list of your core competencies – an ideal place to align your package with their job description.
  • Besides your degree, include any certifications you’ve earned, community and connected volunteer work, as well as awards and special recognition that coincide with your whole package and their job description.
  • Choose a font that is easy to read.
  • Maintain a consistent format throughout your document. Follow the same pattern of indents, bullets, highlights, etc.

As you create your resume, keep in mind that your message isn’t as much about your past as it is about your future – how your history makes you the ideal choice to make a difference in both your future and the company’s. Your goal is to make it easy for the hiring manager to not only learn who you are and what you can do but also to find you to be a very pleasing, likable package.


  • Make contacting you easy. Don’t skip any of your contact information. Include:
  • Full name, street address, city, state, and zip.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • LinkedIn profile or professional website or blog – if you have them.

Proof and Polish

Ok, so you’ve worked hard and your resume is finally done, but it’s not time to send it.  Stop and put it away for a few days – don’t even look at it. It will give you a fresh view of your work and let your brain see those little errors.

  • Read it slowly – line by line, word by word or even backward. You’ll be more likely to catch an error.
  • Read it out loud. Hearing what you wrote is a great way to catch common mistakes, as well as items that you could present more
  • Watch for typical mistakes including homophones, using an for a or vice versa, punctuation errors, using the wrong tense, or subject and verb agreement.
  • Be on the lookout for any sections where you can reduce your content – using power words to say more with less.
  • Don’t depend on your eyes alone – have a colleague check it too. Consider using a reliable online program, or better yet, a professional service.

The Final Step

Take your polished and perfected resume to a qualified staffing agency – that would be AllianceStaff – and make the connection you need. We have the inside track to positions in the Greater Milwaukee area. You can further your career goals right now. Whether you’re looking for a new position, the next step in your career, between jobs, or even looking for temp-to-hire situations, you can take advantage of the experienced consultants at AllianceStaff. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you! Contact us today.

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