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You Didn’t Make the Cut . . . Now What?

3D illustration of REJECTET stamp title on business document or contract

With the employment rate tied with the lowest it’s been since 1969(and lowest since 2,000), it seems like everyone looking should be able to find that job, but you were just turned away. It’s tough – we get it, but there’s a lot to learn from a “no thanks.” In fact, what you learn may be the turning point in your career. It’s time to ask questions. No, we’re not talking about self-defeating questions like:

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • What did I do wrong?

We’re talking about asking questions that will give you a fresh perspective. Questions like:

  • What could I do differently?
  • What does feel were the strong points of my interview?
  • What were my weak points and how can I turn those around the next time?

Take it a step further. Call the person who interviewed you, thank them for considering you, and ask them for advice and constructive feedback. If you are friendly, personable, and receptive, many people will be willing to give you fifteen minutes of invaluable insight. Good questions to ask could include:

  • Can you pinpoint specifics that I could have changed?
  • I want to be a better candidate moving forward; what would you advise me to do?

Thank them for their insight and don’t be afraid to ask them if they will keep your application active in case another position arises.

In his book, The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz shares the following five points.

  1. When you “lose,” study and learn, and then go on to win the next time.
  2. Have the courage to give yourself constructive feedback.
  3. Don’t play the blame game – just dig in and found out what went wrong, and what can be changed.
  4. Try a new approach. Be persistent.
  5. Look for the good in every situation.

Bottom line: You didn’t get the job, but you learned a lot for the future. Now, come on into AllianceStaff and meet our team. You can further your career goals right now. Whether you’re looking for a new position, the next step in your career, between jobs, or even looking for temp-to-hire situations, you can take advantage of the experienced consultants at AllianceStaff. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you! Contact us today.

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