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Retention Strategy

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In a talent-driven market, keeping quality staff can be challenging and high turnover is costly. So, what can you do to change the landscape of your company? Here are some tips from AllianceStaff to keep you on a right track.

Mark your current status: By establishing where you stand in the present moment, you will be able to measure growth (or lack of it).

Face reality: Underestimating the cost of your turnover doesn’t change the facts. Recognizing the real cost can be a motivating factor for change.

Dig deep and find the source: Ask your current employees what one thing they would change – if you see a lot of consistencies, you know where to start. Don’t ignore those who are leaving. Conducting exit interviews can be a real eye-opener.

Set a goal – make a plan: From seeking initial feedback from employees to investing in leadership training, your goals to reduce turnover will go unfulfilled without a well-thought strategy. Set a timeline. Put in in writing.

Involve the entire team: Acknowledge the value of your employees. Understand their passions, preferences, and potential.

Communicate: Keep an open-door policy. Listen to your employees’ concerns. Invite and respond to feedback.

Encourage success: Be clear about your expectations and provide the appropriate tools to do the job.

Provide the best compensation package you can swing: Offering a fair market wage plus a little with a thoughtful assortment of perks and benefits can save you money in the long run. Happier employees are more productive and more likely to stay.

Provide opportunities for growth and continuing career development: Whether it’s an opportunity for continuing education or making it a policy to promote from within, your employees will appreciate your support.

Create company culture – the warm fuzzy kind: Encourage a little friendly competition. Promote positive connection between employees, as well as between management and hourly workers. Provide snacks, occasional company-wide carry-ins, etc. Food is a great leveler and connector.

Hire Right in the First Place: Identify the experience, skills, and personality that best fits your nonprofit’s needs. Create accurate job descriptions. Evaluate your interview process. Establish when you need experience and when it’s best to hire attitude and provide on-the-job training.

Connect with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry: In the Greater Milwaukee Area, AllianceStaff is an excellent choice.

We have developed our business relationships based on trust, communication, high caliber candidates and quality service. Our award-winning consultants and staff enable you to hire the best. We understand the dedication it takes to identify exemplary candidates. We tailor our recruitment program to fit your specific needs. Whether its direct hire, temp to hire, contract, or temporary alternatives, there’s only “OneWord” to remember for hiring solutions: AllianceStaff. Contact us today.

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