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5 Tips to Being the Professional Everyone Wants to Hire

Hire Me words on a stack of business cards to sell or promote yourself as a great candidate for a job or open position

It may be a talent-driven market, but finding the job that fits your talents and your style, as well as moving your career forward can still be a challenge. Rising above the competition remains a critical factor. Today’s employers are looking for flexible professionals who fit their position and their culture. If you want to separate yourself from the crowd, here are five tips that can help you land your dream job.


Present a strong resume

It’s a fact. No company ever hires someone solely to read resumes.  Since the first person to scan your resume has multiple responsibilities on his/her to-do list, you only have a few seconds to ensure your best qualities and accomplishments grab their attention. So:

  • Put your best foot forward first – those achievements that shout how right you are for the job.
  • Customize your skills and experience to the position – we’re talking job titles, keywords, as well and which accomplishments are front and center.
  • Present your information in a style/color/design that fits your industry.

Develop effective communication skills

The professional setting consists of bosses and coworkers with whom you must communicate on a daily basis. Employers are not just looking for qualified candidates, but also individuals who would be pleasant to work with from day to day. It is vital to have strong interpersonal skills to show an employer that you can work with different types of people. Demonstrate your incredible communication skills – both verbal and written – through:

  • Your resume
  • Your interviews
  • Your follow-up thank you note
  • Every other connection you make with someone at the company.

Make connections

The old saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is more than a cliché. Many employers rely on references and recommendations when determining whom to hire. This is where lacking communication and interpersonal skills can hurt you. Build your network.

  • Connect via volunteer activities, community projects, and professional organizations.
  • Maintain a clean, industry-relevant, LinkedIn profile.
  • Uses your social media and other networking opportunities to help others.
  • Be genuine, transparent, and caring.
  • Balance depth of network against width.

Be self-aware

Know your strengths – and your weaknesses. Take time to build those strengths and learn ways to compensate for the weaknesses. Take a personality test. Read self-help books. The better you understand yourself, the better you will be at selling yourself. Take the time to know and understand:

  • Why you chose your career field
  • Your values, goals, and life mission
  • What you enjoy and why
  • How you relate to others

Keep the company in mind

An employer will respond well to an applicant who understands the company’s needs. It is essential to know what the company needs from you and how you can help. Everything involving the resume, your skills, and the interview should focus on the company’s interests.

If you want to impress an employer, put his or her needs first. Employers accept resumes and conduct interviews because they need help, not because you need a job. Reminding yourself of this throughout the process can let a company know that you are serious.

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