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Generation Z – The Big Picture  

Generation Z Concept

Ahhh, you’ve finally figured out what makes a Millennial tick – in fact, you actually respect and appreciate them. Time to take a deep breath and relax.

Not so fast – as Millennials move into leadership, Gen Zers are joining the team, and it’s a whole new breed, right? Actually, no – in a let’s-be-pleasantly-surprised way. We can actually see a little traditionalist/baby boomer trait in this new generation, which, by the way, makes up 25% of the population.

Here are some tidbits of info to help you prepare.

The Youngest Traditionalists: Generation Z relates to a number of traditional Baby Boomer work practices and values. Three examples are:

  1. Both generations are children of a recession. Therefore, they are careful with money.
  2. Like Boomers, Gen Z values acknowledgment in the workplace, as well as being appreciated.
  3. Both groups are motivated with high levels of responsibility.

Core Generational Differences: There are various differences in how Generation Z and Millennials approach the workforce. Examples include:

  1. Millennials are not loyal employees and are known for job-hopping, whereas, Gen Z’ers begin employment with the goal of staying on board for at least four years. Current surveys reveal that more than sixty percent remain at least three years.
  2. Millennials tend to prefer collaborative work environments; Gen Z’ers tend to prefer autonomy.
  3. Millennials communicate primarily via digital devices. While experts at social media, surveys share a different story for Gen Z’ers – more than 70% prefer communicating in person.

Gen Z Highlights: Generation Z can benefit companies in the following ways:

  1. Gen Z’ers, as a general rule, do not settle for the “status quo” for answers; they think beyond the usual and bring forth innovative new ideas.
  2. Raised on technology – they were manipulating cell phones and tablets before they spoke in complete sentences – this group is highly advanced in technology and embrace the newest leading-edge applications ultimately leading the company into the future. They make social media rock.
  3. Management-savvy individuals, they uphold the idea of “Want it right? do it yourself.”
  4. Cybersecurity is one of their watchwords, and more than half of them embrace artificial intelligence and are confident it will have an affirmative impact on their careers.

Embracing Gen Z: Provide opportunities for them to learn – via multiple online channels. Meet with them face-to-face, ensure that they understand the company goals, and then let them run. They love to “own” a project, but appreciate consistent feedback. Fostering their entrepreneurial spirit will be a win/win for them and your company.

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