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Off to School – Back to Work

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Ok, your youngest child just stepped on the school bus, and you are ready to join the workforce once again. It was worth the budget crunching and career hold for those days with your child, but admit it, you’re excited about finding a new focus, making new friends outside of the mommy circle, and enjoying a boost in your income. On the other hand, you are also experiencing some trepidation and feeling a little unsure of which road to take.

Begin by asking yourself the right questions:

Finances – including the cost of returning to work

  • How much of boost does your budget need?
  • Is there a minimum salary you need to make or are you flexible?
  • Do you need to find full-time work or is part-time a viable option?
  • Will you need to replenish your wardrobe?
  • Will you need to upgrade your vehicle?
  • How much will your commute cost?
  • How much will childcare cost? After all, work days often start earlier or end later than school days.
  • What about childcare when your child is home sick or on a school break?

Career Path – taking time to plan and grow will pay dividends later

  • Do you want to return to the same career or is it time for a change?
  • Do you need to earn any certifications?
  • Do you need to develop tech skills?
  • Are there new opportunities in a different path that utilize your current skills?
  • Are you eager to “get out” or is a home business calling your name?

Networking – it’s an essential

  • Is your network alive and well?
  • Do you need to increase your professional connections?
  • Do you have friends in the professional realm who can give you an inside track to unadvertised positions?
  • Are there professional groups in your area that are specific to your industry?
  • Do you need to clean up and refresh your social media platforms?

Resume and “The Gap” – don’t hide it, gain from it

  • What skills did you develop as a mom, cook, chauffeur, etc. that transfer into skills in the workforce? Time management? Organizational skills? Project management? Making deadlines? Budget and finance? Communication skills?
  • What did you gain from volunteer activities?
  • Is your resume formatted to showcase your skills, instead of years on the job?
  • Is it worth the expense of hiring a professional resume writer?
  • Have you contacted a staffing company? Do they assist with resumes?

Taking the step back into the workforce can be a challenge, but don’t lose confidence. You can do it. Come into AllianceStaff. We not only have the connections you need; we’ll help you find the best one for jumping back into the career scene. Contact us today.






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