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Part-time to Full-time  

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You like your part-time job, you’re growing and learning, but now you need full-time work. Making the change often means finding a new position within the company or even a new employer, but don’t ignore the potential where you are currently employed. Help yourself by being proactive. The following tips will increase the odds in your favor and help you land that full-time position.

Update your resume. Having an updated resume that demonstrates the differences you’ve made in your current position not helps in connecting with a new employer but also can be a plus if you meet with the HR manager.

  • Emphasize your most current accomplishments. Share specific examples of your skills in action.
  • Provide evidence of your soft skills.
  • Detail training, experience, and qualifications.

Build your skills. Enhancing what you have to offer with short-term training and other educational opportunities makes you more attractive to employers.

  • Consider earning a certification that aligns with typical aspects of your industry.
  • Participate in online webinars.
  • Consider long-term educational plans

Talk to your supervisor or request a meeting with HR. Prepare ahead and express your desire for fulltime work with confidence.

  • Be professional – treat it like an interview
  • Take your updated resume
  • Be ready to give specific examples as to why they should consider you for an open position.

Stay focused, committed, and diligent in your current position. It will increase your chances of promotion to full-time considerably. Furthermore, if you do change to another company, it will garner excellent references.

  • Avoid the “I’m only part-time” attitude.
  • Be an upbeat team player.
  • Be prompt, courteous, honest, transparent.
  • Don’t just meet, but exceed the company’s expectation.
  • Be a problem – solver.
  • Make friends.
  • Cross train
  • Be flexible.

Don’t get discouraged if your employer doesn’t have any full-time positions available. Visit AllianceStaff. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you! Contact us today.




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