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College Degree – or Not.

A still life of objects representing a trade school student.

Earning a college degree is a priority for many people, but not everyone has the option. For some the cost, or lack of time before they obtain earning power stands in the way.   Saying no to a bachelor’s degree, however, doesn’t have to mean saying no to a prosperous career. Another very viable option is a trade school. For many people, attending trades school opens the way to a career they love or building their own business.

What is a Trade School?  

Trade schools (also known as technical or vocational schools) focus on teaching practical skills related to a specific job/occupation. They offer certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs rather than a bachelor’s degree, which is obtained at four-year colleges. The majority of trades school education is streamlined, hands-on learning pertaining to a specific skill, such as the following options.

Automotive Mechanic  Welder  Marine Mechanic  Mason  Auto Body Repairman                                  Advanced Tractor Trailer Driver  Carpenter  Construction Equipment Operator  Licensed Practical Nurse  Diesel Technician/Mechanic  HVAC Technician Heavy Equipment Mechanic  Industrial Machinery Mechanic  Legal Assistant  Civil Engineering Technician  Wind Energy Technician Commercial Diver Plumber  Architectural Drafter  Electrician  CNC Manufacturer  Home Inspector Aviation Maintenance Technician/Mechanic Energy Management Boilermaker Conservation/Environmental Science  Electronic Engineering  Garden and Landscaping Designer Solar Energy Technology Contractor/Construction Manager

The Trade school advantage includes:

Financial savings – According to Andrew Latham’s article posted on supermoney, the average cost of a private four-year college is $32,410 per year,  not including personal expenses. Graduates take, on average, 10 years to pay off their student loans.   A Trade School degree, however, averages around $33,000 for the entire education.

Time commitment – Rather than spending four years earning a bachelor’s degree, the average time commitment for a Trade School is two years or less – some programs can be completed in 10 months.

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