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Light a Fire Under Your Career – with Online Courses

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Does your career need a boost? Are you ready for something more challenging? Is it time for a change?

Online courses are an opportunity waiting to happen. From junior colleges to Ivy League, colleges and universities across the states offer online classes, which lead to certification, associate, and even bachelor’s degrees.

Muse Career Coach, Evangelia Leclaire, encourages her clients to build up their qualifications with online courses. As she puts it, Future employers value continuing education and professional development. By enrolling in a relevant course and positioning it within the education section of the resume and in future interviews, you’re demonstrating that you take initiative to improve professionally. Employers love hiring people who are resourceful and who take action to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge.”  

Why online? Check out these benefits:

  • Choose the course of study you want while keeping your current position and without having to move – both perks can be essential if you have family responsibilities.
  • Earn your certification/degree faster . . . or slower. Adjust your class schedule to accommodate your other activities and obligations.
  • Pay less per credit hour than when attending a brick and mortar college.
  • Save in other ways too – no time spent commuting – no gas – no parking pass.
  • Build your confidence, skills, career tools, professional portfolio. Open new doors and increase your professional value.

So, what if you hit a glitch, don’t understand something, have a few questions, etc.? Most online programs include a portal for asking questions, as well as online support groups. Some even include peer-based coaching.

Getting started.

Like anything worth doing, it’s best to plan before you plunge.

Consider what you like about your current position, where your pain points are, and what you would really like to be doing? If you could pick any career, what would you choose?

Now – What skills do you already have that will be helpful in the career of your choice? What are you missing? Seek advice from experts in the industry.

Finally – what programs are available? Many online courses are through colleges and universities, but others are offered by private stand-alone companies. Choose one that matches your goals.

Boost your career with an online course – and with a visit to AllianceStaff. We’ll help you further your career goals right now and when your classes are complete. Through our wide reach of contacts and experience in the local market with hiring officials and business owners, we are aware of the many hidden jobs. And that’s our strength – we’re allied with the companies and are here to serve you! Contact us today.




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