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20 Steps To A Successful Hire

20 Steps to a Successful Hire!

Our Process:
1. Coordinate the job description with Hiring Manager for clarification of priorities.
2. Research to locate logical talent pool and network with current leads.
3. Recruit motivated individuals interested in improving their career path.
4. Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against the necessary job requirements.
5. Separate the potential finalists from the over-qualified and under-qualified.
6. Perform in-depth interviews with finalists to insure background matches requirements.
7. Check and verify candidates’ references.*
8. Evaluate chosen candidates based on contributions that they can make to the company.
9. Coordinate mutually convenient times for interviewing schedules.
10. Prepare Candidate for positive interview process.
11. Provide Client with full pre-interview information.
12. Collect immediate feedback from candidates after each interview.
13. Gather Client impressions after each interview, assessing strengths & limitations.
14. Coordinate next step with Client on possible offers and set the stage for acceptance.*
15. Strategize with Hiring Manager, providing information to accelerate hiring process.
16. Mediate salary negotiations and suggest successful compromises.
17. Assist successful Candidate in cleanly terminating current position.*
18. Follow-up after placement with candidate to encourage seamless transition.
19. Follow-up with Client to confirm that we have performed to their highest expectations and earned their respect and continued business. Client Process:
20. Hire the best possible candidate for your position!

* Not all recruiters perform this step(s).