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Leadership – The Do’s and Don’ts

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The art of great leadership – the kind that inspires and motivates, builds strong organizations, earns respect and tremendous accolades, doesn’t “just happen.” It’s the result of a dedicated commitment to the people, mission, and goals of the group one is leading. Consider the following building bricks of leadership excellence. Communication Skills: The ability to […]

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5 Tips to Being the Professional Everyone Wants to Hire

Hire Me words on a stack of business cards to sell or promote yourself as a great candidate for a job or open position

It may be a talent-driven market, but finding the job that fits your talents and your style, as well as moving your career forward can still be a challenge. Rising above the competition remains a critical factor. Today’s employers are looking for flexible professionals who fit their position and their culture. If you want to […]

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It’s your Day!

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”    Barbara Kingsolver To all our clients, employees, friends, and community connections who have played the role of “mom” in someone’s life – You made a difference!  Thank You.  

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6 Tips to Staying Focused

Your brain is whirling a hundred miles an hour. Ideas, concerns, questions, solutions, situations all meshed together, overlapping and vying for attention. Not the least of which is the project whose deadline looms at the end of the workday. Today. As in four hours from now. It’s mostly done. Getting there anyway. But to successfully […]

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10 Tips for College Grads

b loehr - grad

Your hard work and determination have paid off. You finally have that College Degree in hand. Congratulations and welcome to the “Working World.” These tips will help you stay in front of the pack. 1. Dress Code: Before starting your new job in your chosen career make sure you ask about company policy concerning attire. […]

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