Consultant- (con-sul-tant) noun: one who gives professional advice or services “Merriam-Webster Dictionary”

I remember my first job search like it was yesterday (it wasn’t). Searching the Sunday classifieds for openings. Faxing resumes to attn: Human Resources. Resumes on stock paper. Freshly dry cleaned suits and polished shoes. Leather binder with cover letters and resumes. Firm handshake ready to go. You know…the basics for almost every interview. Seemed like a much simpler time back then to navigate the employment world.

Fast forward to present day. Although the job market has arguably never been better for job seekers, challenges still remain. What is the right job for me? Where can my career go with this company? How do I ask for more money or time off? How far can I negotiate? I have multiple offers right now, how do I choose? These are just a small sample of questions job seekers are facing each day.

How about YOU? What challenges are YOU facing in your job search? Are YOU ready to explore new opportunities?

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