Spring Cleaning: Professionally That Is…

It’s April 1st. The time honored tradition of our annual day of pranks has arrived. And it looks like Mother Nature is getting in on the laughs here in the Upper Midwest, dropping snow on our not so frozen tundra. Ugh. The turn of the calendar is supposed to bring April rain showers, not snow showers. The rain showers can be a cleansing of sorts though as we transition into the Spring season. And with Spring, comes cleaning. So while we pull and survive these funny pranks from family, friends, and apparently the weather gods, it is a good time to take a professional inventory of our career in the early parts of 2022. Here are just a few cleansing questions to reflect on:

*How are things going in my current job? Am I on track with my career goals?

*How long has it been since I communicated with my Manager about my responsibilities and what the short term and long term visions are for me within the organization?

*Are my work relationships strong? What would my fellow co-workers say about the “work me” if asked?

*Have my professional goals changed in the last several months? Has my professional life been put on hold because of personal developments of late?

*Am I networking with other professionals within my industry/discipline to survey my surrounding market? Am I staying current with all of the developments going on both internally and externally?

*Professionally, am I “in motion” or just going “through the motions”?

Early Spring is a great time to reflect on YOU and take inventory of your current career path! If you have questions, our AllianceStaff Employment Consultants may have the answers you are seeking…or at the very least can provide counsel and an ear to listen. Let us know how we can help YOU!