Shark Week!!!

One of the most popular TV viewing weeks of the year has arrived….SHARK WEEK! It’s a week where we huddle around our TV’s and devices to discover a mysterious force that inhabits our oceans. A week that gets our blood pumping a little faster, imaginations drifting a little wilder, and curiosities diving a little deeper.

How is it that an almost mythical like fish that less than 1% of the world’s population has actually encountered, can grip and captivate such a large audience?

Is it fear? For moviegoers, the viewing of JAWS could be a contributor to some rather haunting images.

Is it the unknown? Humans are used to having their heads above the surface and not necessarily realizing that there is a whole other world below.

Is it curiosity? When we don’t understand something, we research. We educate ourselves. We ask questions to seek out answers. We become informed.

Is it entertainment? (see the movie JAWS)….and also some cool Discovery Channel action clips.

Is it something that fuels our passion? Some marine biologists may have originally been inspired at a young age by learning about the ocean ecosystem.

The list goes on….

Now you may be asking, what in the “land” world does Shark Week have to do with the job market or finding a job. And you may still be wondering that after reading through this blog. That’s fair.

For job seekers, the currents of the job market can take on a path of their own. We seek comfort in things we can control. The fear of making the right career decision and vaulting to a new company is real. The uncertainty of where one’s career is headed is real. The curiosity of other opportunities out there is appealing and is real. The opportunities at dream companies we have always wanted to work at is real. Taking a leap of faith and pivoting our careers to fulfill a passion is real.

But what about the shark. Is the shark going through a wide range of emotions throughout its travels in uncharted waters? Perhaps. But at the end of the day, the shark is looking to survive. And to survive they have to eat. And to eat they have to take chances. The shark is always in motion. Taking chances swimming in new waters, looking for new food sources, hunting for their own opportunities…The shark’s path is not linear either and presents its challenges, and its outer skin may tell a story of its own encounters. The path is not easy, but rewards the chance taker.

So enjoy Shark Week. Embrace the journey. Perhaps examine your own career path. And if you want to discuss your career goals, please reach out to our Employment Consultants today. We are here to help YOU!