“Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” Halloween season is in full effect. Much like Christmas season, once the leaves start changing, as does the décor outside of houses. Spiders climbing windows, ghosts blowing from the empty tree branches, jack o lanterns lighting up entry ways, and pumpkin light fixtures illuminating the neighborhood.

Halloween season is also a time where adults relish the opportunity to be a kid again. Neighborhood trick or treat parties, matching family costumes, and the annual safety check of each kids grab. Realizing that your child doesn’t need all those Snickers bars, so you take a few off their hands.

The current job market has been tricky of late as well. Let’s take a look at some of the Tricks or Treats.

TRICK: The current job market is still a true employees market. 3.5% unemployment, endless open jobs, significant wage increases. Finding a job is easy.

TREAT:  Yes, the last official unemployment number from September 2022 was 3.5%. That is a fact. However, the federal reserve has a say too.  To combat high levels of inflation the feds continue to raise rates. That is a fact too. A consequence of this action may in the meantime influence company decisions which in turn may impact the job market. What that impact is remains to be seen, but one seeking new opportunities in the job market or thinking about making a move needs to be prepared that times are a changing. Embracing that you will need to be on top of your game in your search will keep you ahead of your competition.

TRICK: For hiring officials: Don’t be fooled by the ghosts. Those that don’t answer your initial call, no show/no call for a scheduled interview or first day of work, or worst yet….just leave your company all together without any indication or notice.

TREAT: Appreciate those that do keep showing up and are productive contributors to your organization. These are your valued employees who will continue to shape the direction of the company moving forward. Yes, they may seek feedback on key issues, but they are keeping open lines of communication in a professional manner.  Not only intending on doing what’s best for them but with respect to the company as well.

TRICK: Don’t let the hocus pocus actions of your manager deter you from seeking out new career options. Counter offer situations, empty growth promises, increased work load and coverage for a lean staff, or procrastinated pay increases to name a few.

TREAT: Your current career goals can be fulfilled with a job change. A manager that appreciates your drive and work ethic. Leaders that value your contributions with generous compensation, benefit rich plans, and true understanding of work/life balance. A united team that works together to achieve a common goal.

TRICK: Feeling like there is no escape once entangled in a sticky spider web. That you don’t have an answer for your next career move.

TREAT: Utilize your own spider web of connections. Network with trusted professionals in your field. Create connections on business friendly platforms like LinkedIn and other networking channels.

TRICK: All job searches are spooky. What if my new potential employer is masking its true identity? What if important details of a new job are conveniently disguised? How do I prevent myself from being tricked?

TREAT: There is no time like the present to utilize a Recruiter. At AllianceStaff, we will prepare you, not scare you. Fill your candy bag with interview tips, negotiation tactics, and industry knowledge that will enrich your search experience and help you make an informed decision. While a job hunt can feel haunting, our team of recruiters at AllianceStaff will help turn those haunts into hope, those tricks into treats.

Our Employment Consultants at AllianceStaff are here to help YOU!