Falling Out of Bad Habits

We have officially reached Autumn in Wisconsin, and for many, it is the most enjoyable season. Pumpkin spice is all around, the sounds of football are in the air, leaves and the temperature are dropping, and we are getting ready for some fun holidays ahead. For others, fall can be a reminder that change is here and we are nearing the last quarter of the year. However, change has still not been instilled and we are still falling into our own bad habits.


Some broad questions you may be asking yourself:

-Where did the time go?

-Should I begin my goal I wanted to accomplish back in January now or just wait until 2024?

-If I were to start, where do I even begin?


More precise questions you may also be asking yourself:

-How can I lose this weight?

– When do I make time to finish the list of house projects?

-Where do I even start when it comes to my job search?


Now the one area that we can help with when it comes to changing some bad habits is with your job search. Some job searches for individuals can be quick and successful, while others can drag out. The job market is sometimes a result of having a lengthier job search. However, sometimes it is the interviewing habits that are being formed over time. Check out the habits below that may be hindering your job search:

  • Being too repetitive:
    • When it comes to your resume, it is the first impression so make sure you aren’t sending the exact same resume for each opening.Tailor it so your skill set reflects the job.
    • Stop going into each interview with the attitude that you won’t get the job. Confidence is key! We get it, it is hard to have rejection, but there are other factors that play into you not always landing the job.
    • Practice your interview. Not revamping the way you respond to certain interview questions or not practicing how you respond to certain situational questions can also be the reason an interview doesn’t go as planned.
  • Not following up:
    • Make sure after your interview that you are sending a thank you email/letter. This can go a long way and be a reminder about you while also showing that you have interest in the opening.
    • If you haven’t heard back, you can also follow up days or weeks later. This can show initiative, while other candidates may just sit back and wait. Hiring officials can be bombarded with resumes, so doing anything extra can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Not knowing the proper resources to search for openings:
    • Hiring has changed over the years and will continue to so make sure you utilize your own personal connections.
    • Keep an eye on companies you want to work for and their openings on their website.
    • Utilize LinkedIn and other local job boards (ex:Indeed). By seeing that there is an opening, you know the company has an urgent need.
    • Teaming up with a recruiter can be beneficial as well so we can introduce jobs you don’t see and help prepare you for interviews!


Now it is time to reflect, make any necessary changes and fall back in love with your skill set during your job search!