To Hibernate or Create Your Fate?

Bears take the ends and beginning of a year to hibernate and relax. It won’t be until springtime that they will emerge, ready to take on a new year. Well, another year is here. As humans, this always brings out mixed feelings. Either you are ready to start new. Or, you are ready to continue coasting by and living life as you have been. Both outlooks are acceptable. Now coming from a recruiting standpoint, time to be active.


Beginning of a new year is a great time to start or amp up your job search. Here is why:


-Holidays are done and hiring officials are back in the office and ready to meet!

-Goals are being put together for different departments within companies. Budgets are being set. This makes room for new hires!

-On the other end, people have left due to being unhappy about no raise. But one’s current salary could be someone’s dream salary, meaning a great opportunity still awaits! OR maybe you are the one unhappy about your “raise”…..time to start looking since opportunities will be open.

-Being winter time, snow reminds people how much they don’t like their commutes. With it being the beginning of the year, create a plan for yourself to target the companies closer to you and keep them on your radar!

-Lastly, new life goals = new career goals. You have new motivation in all areas of life right now, so might as well carry it over into finding your dream job. You have 11 more months ahead of you, so get ahead of the competition now!


And if you don’t know where to begin, but want to create your fate, get in touch with us today!