Ready to Leap?

February 29th is a special day since it only happens every four years. We are lucky this year to be given this extra day. Another day to spend growing, to make memories, to love extra, or to remain the same. Another thing that happens typically every four years, is a job change. According to a study completed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median number of years that an employee works at their current employer is 4.1 years. This number may be a shock to some for being low, while others can’t imagine being at the same place for that long.


With today being Leap Day, it is time to reflect on the word leap. There is different wording to each definition, but the one from is, “to spring through the air from one point or position to another.” The reason why this one resonates with us the most is due to the nature of our industry. We help individuals take a leap from one position to another. There are many reasons why one wants to leap though. Here are a few below:


  • A new job can mean growth in new responsibilities. It is always good to continue learning new things at your job. So whether you need to sit down with your manager to ask for more or just start a whole new job in general, it is good to learn. If you are feeling stagnant, time to leap!
  • A new job can mean a salary increase. We go to work to make a living, and yes we need money to live. A typical year end raise can be between 3-5%. Sometimes making a job switch can start you higher than that raise, so some individuals see that as a big reason to continue taking leaps every few years.
  • A new job can mean a new manager. A better manager can mean a better connection and trust in you that you will get the job done and done well. We all know that one saying about bad bosses….we can leave that saying out, like we leave them though. Sometimes when someone gets promoted into a managerial role, that can also make cultural change, and that alone is a reason for someone to want to leap into the arms of a different company.


There are many other reasons behind someone wanting to leave their current employer. But there are also many reasons why someone stays for longer than 4+ years as well. Some employees who stay somewhere for many years are still experiencing new duties, great managers, and salary increases. If and when you are ready to take the leap though, don’t hesitate to reach out so our recruiters can support you while you do!