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Preparing for the Holidays

Just a little reminder, folks; it’s nine weeks + one day until Black Friday. We know – that isn’t exactly what you want to think about now – but the reality is, holidays affect productivity and staffing needs. Preparing now will help you stay calm, cool, and collected when November rolls around. Don’t worry – […]

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Interviews that Clinch a Great Hire – Part II

alliance - interview - P2

Last week we offered tips on what to do before the interview. Today let’s talk about what needs to happen during the interview. Knowing what to ask, how to guide the conversation – and when to let it take its course, and even the significance of your actions and attitudes are all essential.   During […]

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Interviews that Clinch a Great Hire – Part I

alliance - interview prep

There’s a lot of information out teaching candidates how to interview, but that’s only half of the issue. Knowledge and expertise on the part of the interviewer are key in clinching a great hire – a fit that helps both the new employee and the company grow. Today we’ll discuss what needs to happen before […]

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Happy Labor Day – Celebrating America’s Workforce

alliance - labor day

Labor Day, the idea of brothers Peter J and Mathew Maguire, was officially signed into existence as a national holiday in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland. Created to honor the laborer – and yes, it still does, Labor Day also marks the end of summer. For some, due to the nature of their job, the […]

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Keeping your Social Media Professional

Social media is an ongoing, ever-changing, part of our lives. It’s a great connection point both personally and professionally – a gold mine of networking opportunity. Unfortunately, many people post – without a nanosecond of hesitation – criticisms, scathing political commentary, personal thoughts, and experiences, etc. Printed, forever-there words, that they would have never shared […]

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